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by hap on 14-07-2012, 17:53
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Together with MSX World Wide, the Sunrise Foundation is working on publishing a bare 4Mbit ROM version of The Best of Hamaraja Nights. Using the same technology, Akin, Vectron, Bladelords are also ready to be published. Black Cylon is currently being tested, and Magnar and ARC are soon to follow. It is expected that future games like DEVA and Street Fighter will be released in this fashion as well.

Sunrise also introduces Zero Euro games*, simply downloadable via email once ordered via their Zero Euro webshop section. The lucky games are Pumpkin Adventure III, The Lost World, Realms of Adventure, Manbow 2, Nuts. Pentaro Odeyssy 2 is also listed, but doesn't look like it's free yet.

Relevant link: Sunrise

* there may be costs for 'no money' transfers involved, depending on your country

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By FiXato

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14-07-2012, 18:07

Ahh, would be nice to have official disk/rom images of those games Big smile
*heads over to the webshop*

Still a shame about RoA never being completed Sad

By anonymous

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14-07-2012, 18:14

Hmm.. looks like it is only completely free if you order within NL, because the 'payment' methods available from another country would add 5 euro (iban bic) or 0,35 euro (paypal) to the 0 cost due to payment costs.
Not quite sure why iban/bic would have to be so expensive by the way, because as far as I know within EU there are no costs to such transactions.

Hmm.. and when I come to step 4 after confirming my order on the English website, I don't see any confirmation message.. slightly confusing.. At least I got an order confirmation in my e-mail Big smile

By wolf_

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14-07-2012, 18:15

Well, in theory RoA *could* be completed if the engine would be souped up to a more modern state. The RoA engine was based on the old 90's Umax RPG's that supported FM-PAC. Such tunes (MB) were small and they could fit in a memory block together with the player, so, that was the construction: player and tune in a 16KB memblock. But by doing so, tune space was reduced to something like 6KB. Probably enough for ye olde MB format, but this wouldn't ever work with the MBWave format (roughly three times as many channels, and if you put me on adventure music you won't get simple tunes that loop after position 32).

In theory the game could still be made, if the story and the graphics can be revived. But I'll guess another coder would have to make the engine then..

By AxelF

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14-07-2012, 18:39

Why don't they just put the download links on the website ?
no hassle with email crap...

By hap

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14-07-2012, 20:11


MSX World Wide en Stichting Sunrise hebben besloten om naast de The Best of Hamaraja Nights naast een versie met verpakking ook de losse rom aan te bieden via de webwinkel.
Romversies van Akin, Vectron, Bladelords zijn klaar. Black Cylon wordt op dit moment getest.
Rest nog Magnar en ARC.
Dit alles op een nieuwe 32 megabits rom.Daarnaast zouden ook DEVA en Streetfighter (het nieuwe spel van Bart van Velzen-bekend van Manbow2) op dit zelfde type cart kunnen worden uitgegeven.

Hmm, I had some help from BiFi, figuring out what it really meant:
- hamaraja nights rom image will be available seperately (as pay for download)
- parallax collection in 1 32mbit-cartridge in the making, list of games that are ready and a list that still need to be worked on
- future deva and streetfighter release could be in 32mbit cart

By snakepow

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16-07-2012, 12:28

Bad luck, I haven't seen Fixato's post until now, I've already done my order (Spain Contry) , paying 0,35 euro by Paypal. So 0,35 euro for Sunrise , I agree paying this little quantity but I think this must be informed on the main theme about this new. So those games aren't completely free ( non Zero euro games ) unless you don't put NL contry , please MRC change this on main theme for properly information.

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By wolf_

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16-07-2012, 12:44

Added a relevant line to the newspost.

By Bastiaan

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16-07-2012, 19:50

wow, again great news from Sunrise!

Realy looking forward to the parallax collection, and the 32Mb plans!

By fiteblog

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17-07-2012, 21:00

Has anyone received anything? Well, I did the Paypal thingie two days ago, and no news from Sunrise.

By FiXato

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17-07-2012, 22:12

Me neither fiteblog, but let's give them some time; with such great, free, games they are probably swamped by the e-mails. ;-)

By KdL

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23-07-2012, 11:52

today, PA3 (sunrise ide image 4mb) is arrived in attachment... 1 of 5!!??

however, thx a lot!!! Smile

By ray2day

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23-07-2012, 21:41


Why don't they just put the download links on the website ?
no hassle with email crap...

Totally agree.

By Huey

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21-08-2012, 12:56

So erh. Did anyone get there games yet? I didn't.

By FiXato

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21-08-2012, 13:26

I only got Pumpkin Adventure 3 so far. Smile
I think Sunrise might've gotten overwhelmed with the responses. ;-)

By meits

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21-08-2012, 15:24

Magnar will be tricky... That game asks for words from the manual (what is the second word on page 7 par 2 and stuff)... I wonder if that gets removed...

By Creepy

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21-08-2012, 19:31

Magnar has also been put on th Millennium CD's. That version does not ask for words from the manual.

And I'm also waiting for the email with the free games.....

By meits

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21-08-2012, 19:47

Ah... It's modified... Nice... Smile

By libero

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12-09-2012, 08:53

Has anyone news about receiving Zero Euro games? I did the Paypal payment july 19th -only 0.35 Smile

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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12-09-2012, 15:41

AxelF wrote:

Why don't they just put the download links on the website ?
no hassle with email crap...


By FiXato

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12-09-2012, 17:27

Instead of complaining here, why not e-mail Sunrise directly? Smile

By Akiguchi

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12-09-2012, 22:11

FiXato wrote:

Instead of complaining here, why not e-mail Sunrise directly? Smile

I think you know the reason very well as documented before. Wink