MSX Solutions: Hinotori

by Hydragon on 24-06-2010, 13:34
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The Brazilian map maker only_69, couldn't resist to map a game during his stay in Japan. He uploaded a map of Hinotori (Firebird), an MSX2 adventure game released in 1987 by Konami. The map reveals us six worlds, which shows us where to find hidden keys, items and gates. Again a great effort made by only_69.

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By ro

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24-06-2010, 13:37

jeeeeeeh, my fave game Smile
great workl, as always

all we need now is a translation Smile

By Sandor

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24-06-2010, 19:55

By ro

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25-06-2010, 09:26

wow, I totally missed that!
(too bad the manual ain't eng...)

have to try this!


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26-06-2010, 01:21

As I don't remember to say YES! at each only_69 release, I'm a bit dissappointed to my self but I hope you still go on with your projects. I must say I really appreciate the work you have done!