Streetfighter 2 conversion for MSX

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05-11-2011, 00:18

good point! for scrolling I would go for a V9958
on msx2 having fluid animations with these sizes for players is already challenging
Add that a good AI for enemies is not trivial and will take its cpu time

By GhostwriterP

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05-11-2011, 17:11

So I am really gonna have to chew it out for you guys Smile2

Made a new rom image, with the focus on mode 4 & mode 6 (and 'smaller' sprites only). Mode 4 now runs a 30 fps, but keep in mind that after adding music player and game engine you will end up with 20 fps.
Mode 6 still runs at 15 fps, and the game area is 192x152 pixels, which I think is pretty much maximum but nevertheless large enough. You can use the up and down keys to scroll the background up and down as well.

So from here it is up to you which has your preference, a higher frame rate or a scroll.

Now go and get it here:

ps: on msx2+ and turbor it should be possible to scroll even at 20 fps

By Ivan

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05-11-2011, 17:22


First MSX game ever with big characters ala Neo Geo! This is going to be revolutionary!


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05-11-2011, 18:40

Very very good!

By sd_snatcher

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05-11-2011, 20:05

Aim high! Mode4+V9958+scroll!!! Big smile


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05-11-2011, 21:42

didn't you try to skip undue vdp access using vdp for copies?

By Oscar

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05-11-2011, 22:14

MSX programming scene always awesome!

By poke-1,170

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05-11-2011, 22:23

damn, this looks realy impressive !!! There's always some slight background animation as well,
is that technically possible as well ? it's usually the kind of lame " person fistpumps" and stuff
from the crowd.
Also, it seems one of the 2 modes is faster than the other (the not srolling one). Since you don't
constantly have to scroll when you're fighting without the screen needing to move, could you switch
between the 2 modes ? so using the slower option when scrolling is needed, and switching back to
the faster one when the action doesn't require scrolling.


Paragon (1281)


05-11-2011, 23:51

Looks really beautiful keep the work,i m a huge fan of street fighter,it s great to see those graphics thanks.

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