"Goonies'r good enough" with keyboard only

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By Guillian

Prophet (3549)

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19-10-2011, 12:45

Well, since I'm the maker of the Goonies 'R' Good Enough cartridges I will explain my experience:

Comparision with OpenMSX: the team contacted me because they were interested in adding MegaFlashROM SCC+ emulation to OpenMSX. I gave them all the information I could. The next day, MegaFlashROM SCC+ was supported in OpenMSX. They did not buy the real cartridge, and there was no problem.

As fas as I know, blueMSX team did not contacted Kralizec or me to ask for information about how to emulate the game.

About piracy. Perhaps "piracy" is not the right word. But the harm of publishing how to hack the game is similar.
I also agree that if you want to play a game on a emualtor, you must improve the emulator, not hack the game.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10186)

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19-10-2011, 12:47

Eveybody can take his conclusions !

Among all the conclusions one can make, here is one. Of all people, Kralizec is really one name you don't want to loose. Well done, another trophy in your retarded hall of fame.

By Sander

Founder (1875)

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19-10-2011, 12:59

I have seen better returns to this site. I wonder what the reason is for stopping by here Mars.

By mars2000you

Enlighted (6697)

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19-10-2011, 13:00

Anyway, discussion is impossible with someone who dislikes emulators and had written that no any official ROM should be available, although there were many people interested to buy a digital version of the game. In this context, a good spirit similar to the collaboration with Sunrise was pure utopia.

By Guillian

Prophet (3549)

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19-10-2011, 13:12

Kralizec requested me to stop distributing their games (Bomb Jack, Goonies 'R' Good enough, Majikazo and Operation Wolf) in the MSX Cartridge Shop :(
You can see the games description, but new orders will not be acepted :(

By doraemonppc

Master (248)

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19-10-2011, 13:16

Really bad news for the MSX comunity Crying

By ManOfTheVara

Supporter (9)

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19-10-2011, 13:17

I absolutely agree with Guillian. Concise and well explained.

But BTW he did publish how to unprotect the background images from Sex Bomb Bunny within the very first days after its launch, ruining the gaming experience for many buyers eager to see Z-0, and also how to circumvent the M1 check in Seleniak, ruining the musical experience for many other users (the main theme sounding completely out of tune and perhaps making people using bad emulators into thinking that the composer was sheer deaf) instead of sharing his knowledge with the emulator authors.

In short, many of us have done or are doing harm to small developers for whatever reasons in whatever ways, consciously or not.

A community so small needs more constructive attitudes.

By ManOfTheVara

Supporter (9)

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19-10-2011, 13:30

I'd like to point out that in my previous post I cited the example of Gillian just to make us realize that we all (including me) often see the mote in our neighbor's eye and not the beam in our own, and that's just no good for the community.

Attitudes should change. Otherwise we'll become bog-standard politicians.

By Guillian

Prophet (3549)

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19-10-2011, 13:35

I remember sending you the tool to see the images, but not publishing it. But perhaps my memory fails Tongue
Also, I shared with Mars2000 how to avoid the M1 check so he could test the ROM on BlueMSX, but again, I don't remember publishing it.
Anyway, I apologize if that caused any harm. It was not conscionsly.

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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19-10-2011, 13:47

Come on, people, this is not a matter of legal issues, warez or piracy. It's about something much bigger than that. It's about how our actions, as a small community, can either boost or drain activity and motivation. It's about how we try to get along with each other, and about how we (should) pay our respect to those people that are still putting a lot of time and effort into keeping MSX alive. We all play a role in the future of our favorite 8bit computer.

So, Mars, I could not care less whether you are legally allowed to publish this information or not. Ethically, it is completely not done and that's just that. If you wanted support for the game in blueMSX, you should have contacted the developers and after that you should have respected their point of view. I haven't got the faintest idea why you chose this topic and this topic alone to return after roughly 5 years of silence. Even though I agree that Kralizec would probably sell some more games if they opted for digital distribution, it is their choice and theirs alone to decide how their game should be distributed. It is not up to you to enforce your point of view on them, especially not this way.

Kralizec - Please don't let the actions of a single member of the MSX community push you to drastic decisions. I hope you can see that most members of the MSX community really appreciate your work - and quite a few of them have bought your games.

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