"Goonies'r good enough" with keyboard only

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By Ramones

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23-10-2011, 11:43

Hello everybody.

We're glad to see that there are still sensible voices here. That's good for the msx, the system we love. So we're happy for the msx. Just don't let foolish voices sound louder than yours.
(btw, all the best for the new mrc website!!!)

To those who love the msx as much as we do, a few words for a proper farewell.

First of all, there's no drama. And we're not joking.
It's been a lot of thinking before making up our minds. We take a tough stance on this. No anger.


We are pretty sure that our games and behaviour are clear enough to those who really want to understand. But here goes a last try.

To put it on a nutshell we could say that kralizec ideology doesn't fit the current "scene". When this tiny community is compared to music or film industries we can't do anything but laugh. It's not worth explaining (again) how expensive and difficult it is to edit games on cartridge and the many significant reasons to keep on doing it. Not to mention the exhausting software development process (design, code, pixels, music... all free, a complete artistic expression excluded from the price which covers just the physical part -hardware and packaging-). Enough. We all know this.
Sorry for the obvious stuff.

Let's try to end this thing...

We thought this was "our home". But we were wrong: the place is packed with strangers, people who really don't seem to like the msx or care about it.
There's an amazing, shameful and pityful lack of *RESPECT* as well. We don't find any pleasure when we are the target of gratuitous insults.
People who dump and distribute a rom may think they're much smarter than those who buy the cartridge...

In this scenario there's no room for the Kralizec project.
So we've decided to stop and quit. Close-down.
It's THAT simple. No tears, no regret. It's been great.
Don't misunderstand us: we don't claim for changes and we don't ask for anybody's apologies.

We'll keep on enjoying msx (machines, games, friends -many, they know who they are-).

Goodbye. And good luck.

Armando Perez Abad (aka Ramones)
Miguel Angel Fernandez Fernandez (aka Sutchan)

PS: Give a call to Sunrise if you're really interested on buying the cartridge. We're pretty sure they'll be pleased to sell the ones left.

PS2: The spectrum version of MajiKazo is almost finished and, well, it will be released soon. This doesn't mean that Kralizec will be back, because Kralizec is done and gone. The very last kralizec game is going to be for a non-msx machine. Funny, isn't it? ;>

By Guillian

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23-10-2011, 11:53

Morg, I miss the PSG sound in that MP3 files Tongue

I feel this music fits in the last Kralizecs words

By mars2000you

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23-10-2011, 12:04

Morg, these SCC musics are great (even without the PSG part). Not a revelation : Japanese people know that SCC emulation in blueMSX is very high quality ! Smile

By Arkhan

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23-10-2011, 12:14


Quitting is for pussies.

Who cares if its dumped/tweaked to work on an emulator

You think real developers cry and throw their arms in the air when their shit gets hacked?

No. If they did, we'd have NO GAMES, ANYWHERE.

Now, Kralizec should continue making shit so I can buy it and use it on my Trbrbrbrr

By Morg

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23-10-2011, 12:30

As I said about my crappy Disk1 rip... I enjoy this kind of music on my trip to work. ¿No PSG? Ok, I can live with it.

I can't please everybody Murdoch

By syn

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23-10-2011, 13:07


Quitting is for pussies.

Who cares if its dumped/tweaked to work on an emulator

You think real developers cry and throw their arms in the air when their shit gets hacked?

No. If they did, we'd have NO GAMES, ANYWHERE.

Now, Kralizec should continue making shit so I can buy it and use it on my Trbrbrbrr

Okay now I didn't wanted to get into this discussion and I know I shouldnt feed the trolls.. and my sarcasm detector is kinda weak especially over the internet so I really hope you were joking ... but

That last comment shows no respect or whatsoever for homebrew developers. I seriously cant believe you really feel this way.

What makes Kralizec less of a "real" developer than any other?? Don't they CREATE software for a system? What makes someone a real or a fake developer? Do you need a yearly turnover of 100 million dollars before you qualify for being real??

Actually, in my opinion homebrew developers or small software companies are the TRUE developers because the create software, games, because they have a passion for making the games THEY want, or for the love of a system THEY love, instead of letting some college graduate bussinessman/ceo dictate what they should make on what platform. Look at Kralizec's Goonies: It is a FAN game in every way; a videogame based on a movie most of the world has forgotten about, on a system most of the world has forgotten about. They aren't doing it for the big money, if they were they would have been trying to create the next angry birds for mobile phones. Instead they make this, because they love The Goonies, because they love MSX.

IMHO Electronic Arts, one of the most succesfull software companies, THEY are the fake ones here, with there endless reharses and dumbing down of games. But thats another discussion.

Instead of applauding what little activity is left for the MSX, a system EVERYONE here loves (or else why would you be here), some of you are shitting on the developers, calling them pussies and claiming everyone owns the right to do whatever they want with whatever they want.

I really dont understand why it is so hard to see right vs wrong:

Yes, big time software developers do cry a bit when their games are put up on torrent sites. You read it all the time in press releases, interviews etc. But at the end of the day they just go home to their families, friends, and do stuff they like in their spare time like sports, grab a beer or whatever. They will be back tomorrow because its their job, they will get their paycheck.

On the other hand you have a group of FANS who spend 3-5 years of their lives, of their precious SPARE time, making a videogame on a system that has been declared dead decades ago but still lives on because of the hard work of fans, home devs, gamers. Those developers can't go home and have a beer and come back tomorrow if they are unhappy. There is no reason to come back. They create games for you, for your enjoyment, for your respect. If that respect is not there, what else is left for them? Clearly not the little money they may get for their time, since you are already hacking/dumping everything.

I think such attitude may cause less people willing to create new games/software for the msx, and that would be a shame, since from what I see here and there, a few great projects are coming up by various people and it would be a shame if they just stop and find something else to do because they feel the scene wouldnt respect them anyway.

But hey, if they stop they are just pussies right?

By ro

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23-10-2011, 14:53


By wolf_

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23-10-2011, 15:22

Yes, that's an idea!

I'm not someone to lock threads soon as I'm quite liberal in terms of freedom of speech. Next I think communities should be able to regulate their own issues. Also, if someone is making himself impossible from a moral point of view, the worst punishment would actually be to expose such a person for what he is.

By now everything has been said. The only hope I have is that Kralizec (whose MSX output has always been very polished) at some point looks up again, ready to challenge new MSX horizons. Unless someone contacts us with valid arguments to reopen this thread again, it'll remain closed - and it's probably best to throw away the key anyway, but alas.

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