Core Crisis

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By Rataplan

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27-08-2011, 17:41

Has anyone seen this?
Still WIP but looks very good for a MSX1 game. Would anyone know the status?


By Huey

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27-08-2011, 19:11

Thanks for the interest. I am still working on it.

I'll try to make a new video tomorrow to show it's current (WIP) status.

By sd_snatcher

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27-08-2011, 19:58

Very promising game, indeed! Nice work, Huey!

By ray2day

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27-08-2011, 23:53

Hell yeah, I'm waiting for this game to be released... Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By retrocanada76

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28-08-2011, 00:25

Wow seems to be very promising

In 198x that would be an AAA title Smile

By MäSäXi

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28-08-2011, 09:08

This game always brings to my mind something like this:

"Computer game evolution, by Charles Darwin"

"This particular game is a clear example of how game species evolved. Core Crisis is a good example of Sinclair ZX Spectrum evolved MSX game. Untrained watcher can easily fall to a trap by not recognizing differences between this game and Sinclair ZX Spectrum ancestors, as at first it looks almost like it´s ancestors. Soon good watcher notices that that game has evolved the use of colourful sprites and will see that bigger enemies are not SCREEN 1 Spectrum port style but they use 8x1 pixel graphic characters to bring more colour, one can easily spot colourful "afterburners" of the big green beetle like enemy ship. It would be easy to say, that later in time, this particular game evolved to 16-bit computer game Hybris, which lived on Amiga computers´ age and later evolved to Battle Squadron. But that would be a talk of morons, as everyone who knows something about computer game evolutionary history, will undoubtedly know that those 16-bit games were evolved in the so called golden age and MSX Core Crisis showed up on as late as late 2010, so this is a good example how computer games can evolve to look like ancient computer games. Computer game evolution theory acts just like those theories about animal evolution theories."


By Huey

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01-09-2011, 19:09

A little later than promised:

By Paulbrk

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01-09-2011, 19:45

A very nice game Smile

I am waiting John(your music is awesome) and Artrag use the complete 8 channels of sound like Konami did.

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5624)

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01-09-2011, 20:00

Thanks Paulbrk. Smile
This game most probably won't have 8 channels, unfortunately (our tracker isn't finished yet).
It will stay 3 channel PSG, 'enhanced' with 3 channel SCC mimicking the PSG.
But our later projects will use the PSG + SCC fully!

By fiteblog

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01-09-2011, 20:58

Looks really nice.

By nanochess

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02-09-2011, 02:03

Beautiful. It promises a superb game.

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