Petition for Konami to reissue physical MSX games

Petition for Konami to reissue physical MSX games

by Konamito on 21-06-2016, 00:58 translated by TroMax
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David F. Gisbert (Tromax) and José A. (Konamito) have launched a petition at, requesting Konami to re-release physical MSX games from their extensive library. They argue that there are currently more people collecting MSX games than there are available copies of certain games, meaning prices are generally quite high. It also means that there might just be a market for physical reissues.

Backed by a promotional video and with already more than 300 people backing the petition, they hope to give a clear signal that will be sent to Konami along with the following message:

その時代の子供たちのおかげでコナミのMSXゲームへの情熱は 現在まで残っている。その子供たちは今大人になってもなお、往年のゲームを新世代と一緒に楽しみ続けている。
上記のすべてのために、私達はそのゲームの権利を所有しているコナミにお願いしたい。MSX用の80年代90年代で行われたようにカートリッジおよびフロッピーディスク で、すべてのゲームを再発行して欲しい。



As a group of MSX games fans we would like you to re-release your titles for MSX in physical format (cartridge and disk).

We know you had a special relationship with MSX system. And we hope that you keep that in your heart… We loved your games in that time and now we wish to have all of them available for purchase in some way…

So, please keep in mind our request and bring happiness to our lives as you did in the past when we were kids.

Although it's hard to tell what Konami will do when they receive the petition, but Konamito and Tromax soberly reason there is nothing to lose either.

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