MSX Sprite Scan 2.0

by jorge.romero.9655 on 01-04-2016, 21:45

The creation of this tool arises from the need to convert some sprites originally designed in Photoshop, to pattern data and sprites compatible with color mode 2 used on the MSX2 and higher. The program allows you to use both the default MSX1 palette or a custom palette.

This new version has the ability to scan images to extract up to 32 sprites from a single image. Simply create an image of 16 pixels wide and as high as the sprites you want to add x16. If we want to add 32 sprites, the images that we create would measure 16x512 pixels. If they were only two sprites, simply create an image of 16x32 pixels. The application will automatically calculate the number of sprites contained in the image based on its size.

The program folder contains several sample images and a loose sprite with the palette.

msxspritescan2.0.rar1.39 MB2081週 15時間 前