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Par Manuel

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21-05-2005, 14:46

OK, but what *is* an FM-7?

The FM-X is the only Fujitsu MSX product I know of, except for some joypad with an unkown code name.

Par snout

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21-05-2005, 14:48

That's because the FM-7 is not an MSX Wink

Par andete

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22-05-2005, 11:32

isn't FM7 a software VSTi plugin emulating a Yamaha DX7?

Par Sander

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22-05-2005, 13:08

"The Fujitsu FM-7 was Fujitsu's first entry into the Japanese home
computer market, and for their debut computer, they chose to come
out with a 6809-based personal computer very similar to Radio Shack's
Color Computer. I have an original FM-7 at home, and it's a lot of fun
to play with.

Some Similarities:
* Built around the Motorola 6809 CPU
* Equivalent to a CoCo1 or CoCo2
* Runs such CoCo Operating Systems as OS-9 (Level I) and FLEX
* The included "F-BASIC" is just an enhanced Microsoft CoCo BASIC"

Quote taken from http://www.tcp.com/~lgreenf/fm7page.htm