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Par mais1976

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30-06-2011, 16:11

Big smile i didn't noticed that one

Par Latok

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30-06-2011, 19:22

Same here. Every 'loe' combination I first write as 'loa'. On MSX I probably load and bload a lot Tongue

Par dhau

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30-06-2011, 21:50

Every time I want to write "fuck you, retard", I end up writing "thank you for your feedback, friend"

Thank you for your feedback, friends!

Par FiXato

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30-06-2011, 23:42

Par popolony2k

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05-02-2013, 01:31

Hi friends.

I've acquired a Denyonet ethernet card and is a well done card. It came in a beautifull box and all is perfect, except by the inexistent software and about the BIOS information about this card that seems not exist in the package too.

I bought this card of a member from brazilian community and I don't know if originally the package came with a CDROM containing the drivers and softwares to use this card, but I think that the board doesn't came with any software. Am I right ?

Well, my main question about this card is if the software to use it is the same it was developed by Konamiman and if it uses the obsonet/UNAPI softwares developed by Konamiman, or this card, in the original form, uses a specific BIOS and sofwares to control it.

If is a specific BIOS, I have another question. Where can I found information about the BIOS for this board.


Par enribar

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05-02-2013, 01:57

Hi popolony2k, all software for the DenYoNet is here:

Par popolony2k

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05-02-2013, 02:40


Thanks a lot.

I'll try it with the DenyoNet ROM found here


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