Need some advice on my for sale MSX games

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19-08-2009, 14:49

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and I run the site, an online store for retro Japanese import games. I recently came across a bunch of msx games but not really able to find out how much any of them are worth, I listed most of them at $9. If anyone has any input or could tell me if my prices on certain items are too high it would be super appreciated! Thanks so much for helping out! Here are the MSX games:,18

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19-08-2009, 15:18

Nice store, I almost bought some fami carts. I didn't because registration requires full name, date of birth and gender, which is perfect to resell to some identity theft rings.

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20-08-2009, 02:10

We ask those for use in verifying credit cards. We do not sell or let anyone else have access to any customer information. If you'd like to verify the legitimacy of my store, you may do so at any of the following sites:

Along with asking any of our forum members:

Thanks for looking though. :) Did you have any thoughts about the MSX prices?

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20-08-2009, 03:16

I think most people only look for Konami games, and sometimes for specific non-Konami that they really enjoyed and children (I'd love to get Sony Kid Wiz with box and manual someday). Other then Konami, I'd say only Compile cartridge based games command decent prices. Everything else is pretty useless, you'll have hard time selling them even for 5$ a pop with free shipping, since no one really wants them. May be some noob collector, but then it better be like new with box and manual... You'd better consider removing gender question and replace date of birth with just year of birth. Even better if you accept paypal without the need to login, like, for instance, ToToTeK does. I think many people are worried of their identity being stolen/misused, and you may loose sales because of that.

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20-08-2009, 08:03

Thanks for the input dhau. It's real helpful! Unfortunately, we need to know the DOB because a few games we sell are 18+. As for Gender, you are the first person I've ever heard connect it with identity theft.

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20-08-2009, 11:58

i think aleste is a bit over priced , and king kong 2 is under priced : but is an not a very good specialist of these games.
the msx2 computer price is ok , could be less , couldn't be higher.
i dont know the titles of half of them in fact , screenshots may help .
otherwise bundles of x3 carts can help to sell ... just an idea.

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20-08-2009, 12:57

I wouldn't say Aleste is overpriced. The last one on ebay (from a reseller, eskroto I think) went for over £100 (no reg card or paper plane) a few months back.