New Graphical Tool for the MSX2

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Par muffie

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18-07-2009, 18:17

so what's really your problem?

hehehehe. finally a Latin Dutch.

Par PingPong

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18-07-2009, 18:19

You didn't give feedback to the tool RyJuZo imho.. Mentioning "FlipXY/Rotate" kinda shows that you didn't even have a proper look at Vampier's tool since those features are already in GraCo..

why would I download his tool when I have my own??

I gave Vampier some idea's which I implemented in my own tool and thought Vampier might want to implement...

and you know what ?? he does !

so what's really your problem?

Par Vampier

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19-07-2009, 08:40

I made this tool for everyone who wanted to make MSX graphics directly on the MSX that's all. Enjoy it if you want to use it... can a mod please close this topic?

Here is another cool editor for cross development:

Par Sonic_aka_T

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19-07-2009, 10:17

I see no need to close this topic, but I do see a need for everyone to stay on topic. So please, let's limit ourselves to feedback on Vampier's great new tool!

Par hbarcellos

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08-05-2012, 02:59

RyJuZo's tool was ever released?

Par Wolverine_nl

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09-05-2012, 11:02

I was wondering this too some time ago. Looked very promising

Par winslp

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09-05-2012, 15:10

Thank you Vampirer! I like your graphic tool!.

Par hbarcellos

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09-05-2012, 15:40

Wolverine_nl wrote:

I was wondering this too some time ago. Looked very promising

02-08-2009, 21:57 : That's RyJuZo's most recent post. 2.5 years ago.

Par DanySoft

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13-05-2012, 21:47

Can't find the tool by RyJuZo ? The programs is not found from internet...
wrong application for Window !?!
Delete the application ?

If RyJuZo is not work or not present, else he has since removed this program ! Crying
bye bye

Par RyJuZo

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23-05-2012, 03:28


Yes we're still alive and kicking. And very very very active....but behind closed doors that is.

As we have received many (soo many) requests for this tool(and other tools) I thought let me at least send one reply.
I'm sorry to say this tool was never released to the public(yet). But we might release it to one or two people who made a very compelling plea. You will be contacted by us.

As I said Team-RyJuZo is still very active.Our team has grown by ONE namely my little bro Marlon.
Marlon is an electronics-wizard and because of this we've expanded our activities to the hardware-side of the MSX.
And more importantly Marlon also owns a 3D-printer,which means we can produce our own casings for the hardware.

Currently we're working on the following:

- The SuperExpander:
Contains 3 regular slots and 2 IO-only.Next to this it contains 8 special purpose slots.
The expander comes with 4MB SDRAM (might change in the final design)
Has an onboard Z80-coprocessor running at 40mhz (might change in the final design)
We've managed to add some new (previous unused) opcodes for division and multiplication.
This Z80 has full access to the onboard ram and the special-purpose-slot hardware. But no access to the regular slots or IO of the MSX. So it can for example be used as blitter and other complex calculations.
There's also a (Battery-Backed-Up-)Real Time Clock present needed for the various file-io based expansions.
And ofcourse an USB connection, mainly used for uploading new firmware. But it could be used for datatransfer but would be limited to 300KB/s.

The following special purpose hardware are working or being worked on:

+ Dual-sdcard reader/writer Supports Fat32. Uses a spi-flash-device formatted in Fat12 to boot up and load the drivers to use the Fat32 filesystem. So no alternative version of Dos is required.

+ Moonsound Replayer Which is a hardware based mod/s3m/xm player which directly drives the moonsound. Which is connected on top of the replayer.

+ Hardware debugger As long as your code is running on the expander's ram you can break/single step/upload your code/change ram etc. All on the fly.

+ Game cartridge Which is a replacement for the regular cartridges but with some advanced copy-protection schemes. Also the cart cannot be opened its insides is filled with a special compound.

+ SUPER VDP Which takes the video-output of your MSX and adds additional layers(directly from onboard ram) and effects like smooth scroll and rotation and then outputs to your monitor/tv. This hardware is still in early development so many more features may be added or even removed.

+ (experimental) Network Cartridge Is based on the WIZ812MJ module from WizNet

+ (experimental) Mass Storage Cartridge. Contains 2 usb connectors. Is based on the Vinculum VNC1L Module from FTDI.

All special-purpose-hardware is ram-mapped-based-io. Meaning fewer OUTS more LDIRS.

On the software-side we're working on:

The Ultimate MSX DevStudio
Which is an all in one cross-development-tool.
Supports coding in pure asm,HI-TECH C and SDCC or combo.
Has an integrated (source-)debugger designed to work with the above mentioned expander.
Features graphics/sprites editor for all (MAJOR) screens even supports GFX9000.
Has a built-in map-editor.
Has a PSG/SCC/OPLL tracker. The music can be compiled into your code. People who've ever looked at Konami's music(bytes) will understand what that means.

As for our Knightmare 3 project, we've 3 partially finished versions a msx1,msx2 and a super-vdp version.
The latter will be the first finished version as we use it to test the hardware to its extremes.
We might someday decide to finish the other ones but no plans as of yet.

So and now before ALL you haters are going to respond with loads of negativity let me say this:

We only supplied the above information because we've received many emails from people wondering if and what we're doing on the MSX front if anything.
We will not EVEN TRY to mention any release-dates because we dont know yet and we're in NO hurry.
It's also possible we'll only release it in limited numbers to the few people who showed genuine interest.
We are having lot's of fun doing these projects for our beloved MSX and that's the only reason we're doing it.
Therefore we will not respond to ANY follow-up post, be it negative or positive.
So please dont bother.

MSX ForEvurrr

CoolTeam RyJuZo Cool

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