Firefox login issue solved

Par snout

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17-02-2008, 13:11

For a short while (most) Firefox users could not log in to the MRC. This should all be fixed now. No worries, it was nothing personal ^_^

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!login ou Inscrivez-vous pour poster

Par Huey

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17-02-2008, 13:42

Yup works again.... phew

Par spl

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17-02-2008, 17:55

Yes, I had the same problem. I deleted the cookies and then it works.

Par konamiman

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18-02-2008, 18:25

This is part of the Microsoft - Google - CIA - Bin Laden conspiracy, I'm sure... Tongue

Par Manuel

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18-02-2008, 22:57

You forgot Bazix in that list! Tongue

Par snout

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19-02-2008, 11:32

And Zend/, as an update to PHP 5.2.5 was the culprit in this one.

Par [D-Tail]

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19-02-2008, 14:09

Then that would probably explain the misbehavior of the seen/not seen topics in the cookie data? It's all over the place Sad

Par [D-Tail]

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19-02-2008, 19:46

Which, odd as it seems, looks like it's working again.