Chikubi Ninja

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Par Imanok

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30-01-2023, 10:13

Hi all!

Take a look at the footage of the Chikubi Ninja demo I showed at the RUMSX59 last weekend.

This is an arcade platformer for MSX2/MSX2+ currently in development.

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Par theNestruo

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30-01-2023, 10:59

Don't know how you do it, but I love with every game you do Smile Congratulations!
The gameplay reminds me of SonSon (arcade, Capcom, 1984)

Par Sebbeug

Champion (398)

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30-01-2023, 11:24

An Imanok's game, it's bought DAY 1 !
Very polished, as usual.

Par aoineko

Paladin (899)

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30-01-2023, 12:46

It's very clean technically and nice graphically.
You use the adjustment register and sprites to hide the edges to have such a smooth scrolling?
I hope I'm not being offensive by saying this, but aren't the enemies butts that throw farts? ^^

Par santiontanon

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30-01-2023, 16:09

Very nice!! All moves super smooth and looks very polished! Also, those butts trying to kick you are hilarious! Big smile


Enlighted (6933)

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30-01-2023, 17:00

Greetings! It looks very good and fun! Is it working on msx2 screen 4 ?

Par Daemos

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30-01-2023, 17:09

Epic. If you would lie its a konami title everyone would believe it.

Par Imanok

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30-01-2023, 17:31

Thanks guys Wink

@theNestruo: you're right. SonSon and Goemon arcades are the main inspiration for this game Smile

@aoineko: the video is recorded in MSX2+ mode, so hardware scroll is being used. In the MSX2 mode the smooth scrolling is performed with the set adjust trick. Apart from that, your eyes are not deceiving you... those are butts and boobs LOL!

@ARTRAG: yes, it's SC4 but running in MSX2+

@Daemos: Thanks! but I've never seen a Konami platform game with horizontal (smooth) scroll for the MSX2 Tongue

Par Bengalack

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30-01-2023, 17:30

Very nice! I like the quality level of this. Bodes well.

And then, most importantly, it looks fun tooSmile

Par valkyre

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30-01-2023, 18:43

Looks great, I will definitely be wanting a copy!

Par erpirao

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30-01-2023, 20:25

once again, imanok makes us want his new release.

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