DSKPro 11.6 Freeze on Exit

Par homamo

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12-12-2022, 03:34


I'm running DSKPro 11.6 from Nextor 2 and it is working great!
It is only freezing on me when quitting back to DOS.

Anyone noticed something similar? And probably knows a workaround or a fix?


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Par sdsnatcher73

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12-12-2022, 05:56

It won’t quit to DOS anyway but it should just reboot the machine IIRC.

Par saccopharynx

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12-12-2022, 23:35

I do not know how DSKPro works internally, but in general, quitting back to DOS without freezing can be very tricky if a program overwrites the DOS stack, which may not necessarily be uncommon on the MSX platform given the limited memory space available in page 3.

As sdsnatcher73 suggested, the best option is to reset the machine!