V9990 command with NX>image size

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25-09-2022, 21:13


I'm making a LMMM command with SX>0 and NX>256.

What pixels are transferred when the end of the line is reached ?
Does it go and fetch the pixels from the next line ?
Or does it go around and fetch pixel from the same line, starting at zero ?

And how do you understand this phrase from the V9990 manual:
NX : The number of pixels in X direction of the image coordinate space is specified and rolling to "0" occurs when the specified range exceeds the image size

What do they mean by "rolling to zero" ?

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Par PingPong

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25-09-2022, 21:30

rolling to 0 means reset to 0

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26-09-2022, 07:53

What I'm observing (both on OpenMSX and real hardware) is that a copy of a line wraps around on the same line. So let's say you make, in P1 mode, this LMMM command (basically copying one line):
. SX=32
. NX=256
. NY=1
. DX=0
It will copy the first 256-32=224 pixels from the source line and then the remaining 32 pixels from the start of it.

I thought it was going to fetch the 32 last pixels from the next line.

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26-09-2022, 22:37

Seems to match (one interpretation of) the manual description.

You could probably use the BMXL command if you want it to wrap to the next line?

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27-09-2022, 09:15

I thought of that, but LMMM works at the pixel level, while BMXL works at the byte level.

EDIT: Wait ... Does BMXL works at the byte level at source but pixel level at destination ?
That would be perfect !

Par aoineko

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27-09-2022, 13:55

That's also what I undestood.
Bytes to bytes is handle by BMLL.