[WTS] Several MSX accesories and replacements (floppy, rubber for FDD MSX TR, pad, etc)

Par AxelStone

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12-07-2022, 20:00

I sell various MSX accessories and spare parts:

- MSX2 floppy drive (the ones sold by Bass Dita): 35€.

- NES replica controller, MSX and Master system compatible (switchable): 25€.

- MSX2+/TR Panasonic RGB cable, with RCA, SVideo and SPDIF output: 25€.

- Philips MSX monitor cable with RCA, S-Video and SPDIF output: 20€.

- 3xRubber floppy disk drives MSX2+ Panasonic, MSX TR (I don't know if it's valid for other models): 20€.

- Philips VG8235 voltage regulator: 25€.

Shipping costs separately. Shipping from Spain.

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Par Hit-Biter

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16-07-2022, 18:07

Looking for SONY FDD and Toshiba FDD for MSX 1 ?

Par AxelStone

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17-07-2022, 08:59

Hello @Hit-Biter, this FDD is a replacement for Philips models like 8235, 8245 or 8250. I'm not sure if it fits in Sony or Toshiba models, perhaps someone could answer you in Hardware forum.

Best regards.