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05-06-2022, 18:53

Hello SX1Mini+ users,
I want to ask to you if someone can help me with the following.
I want to run a game on an SX1Mini+ which contains several diskimages.
How can I start a game with several diskimages such as Aleste 2.

I will wait for answer.

Greetings kris4ya1974

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Par st1mpy

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05-06-2022, 22:02

This explains the tool needed here

And the link in that first post has the instructions for swapping disks.

Par AxelStone

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06-06-2022, 16:54

That thread is a good reference, basically you have 3 ways to play multidisk games:

  1. Sofarun (DOS and Nextor)
  2. EP (DOS)
  3. Emufile (Nextor)