MSXdev22 #03 Safari Kids

MSXdev22 #03 Safari Kids

par MSXdev Team on 08-03-2022, 19:57
Sujet: Challenges
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From France we have the first MSX2 game in this year's free-style contest.

While on your safari trip, you meet animals and solve puzzles on the way. This game is aimed at children to help them discover the computer keyboard and reflect on the different actions to be taken to reach the next stage.

You will find the complete story at the MSXdev original web site. If you are enjoying MSXdev, please consider donating to the contest.

relevant link: Safari Kids- MSXdev official
relevant link: Safari Kids - play online

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Par jltursan

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08-03-2022, 20:40

Seems that the correct link is Safari Kids - play online

(admin: fixed, thanx!)

Par Sebbeug

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08-03-2022, 21:29

Nice work from Jipe !