SymbOS forum instead of just one overcrowded thread?

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Par wolf_

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28-07-2007, 17:21

It all depends, we're hearing ppl say they want a forum with multiple threads, others like you prefer one single thread, I don't prefer anything in special, but I simply think ppl are going to stick to this thread. We might have to discuss things internally a bit..

Par Edwin

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28-07-2007, 17:33

There already is an idea to organise discussions of different topics. Separate threads! This seems to me like doing a lot of manual labour to organise something that remains broken.
Of course, people could just start creating new threads instead of using the existing one. Before you know it, you can rename "Development" to "SymbOS" anyway. Tongue

I'm actually curious how many people actually read everything in there. I usually read it when a few posts are added. But when it's 5 pages with mixed discussions I just can't be bothered to.

Par Manuel

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28-07-2007, 17:59

I also agree that it would be better to make it a separate category, which can have multiple posts. A new 'group' called Special or Community Projects or something sounds like a nice idea to me Smile

Par AuroraMSX

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28-07-2007, 21:16

What are the interesting parts of the long thread? The discussions or the outcome? How about another thread (sticky/locked?) with a summary of each page?Hm, that sounds like

  • a lot of work to set up
  • a lot of work to maintain
  • not a very convenient way to organize threads within a thread

And indeed, the first step would be to just have users use the existing forum like it is intended:

IF user wants to discuss any topic, be it SymbOS related or not
THEN just friggin' start a new thread!

Until then I'm not gonna touch that SymbOS topic, sorry Prod...

[edit]Ah well, I might, but I'm sure as hell not gonna weed through 160+ pages of posts to find an answer to a SymbOS related question[/edit]

Par Manuel

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28-07-2007, 23:17

Google helps Tongue

Par Trebmint

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29-07-2007, 13:23

Well my personal opinion is that:

1. the whole site should be called symbos resource center
2. All nicknames must have "sym" added to them eg. wolf_sym, sympatsie etc
3. The S in MSX should actually mean Symbos
4. Everytime you log on you should be forced to read the symbos thread from page 1
5. Everybody should try to get there company to ditch Windows/Linux etc and run Symbos instead.
6. All non symbos threads should be deleted or changed to include symbos references
7. No other OS for the MSX other than symbos exist
8. Everyone should to go there local software retailer (PC world etc) and ask for a copy of Symbos, and then demand to see the manager when they don't have it.
9. Everyone must come up with a different music format for symamp to implement
10. You must chant the word "SYMBOS" 100 times, 4 times a day

Is this too much to ask?

Par sympatsie

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29-07-2007, 13:29

I aim to please Wink

Par legacy

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29-07-2007, 14:04

Is this too much to ask?

NO TongueoO

Par nikodr

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29-07-2007, 19:10

Well would i ask too much if i asked for a symbos port to windows ?LOL! Windows xp suck badlySmile

Par AuroraMSX

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29-07-2007, 20:26

Well would i ask too much if i asked for a symbos port to windows ?LOL!Yes. Why port an OS to another OS? oO You could however ask for a SymbOS port to PC...

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