MSXdev21 Results

MSXdev21 Results

par MSXdev Team on 20-10-2021, 16:04
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The MSXdev21 edition, running from January 2021 to September 2021, has come to an end. With no less than 34 new registered games, a new record is set in MSXdev history! It is time to reveal the jurors' verdict and announce the winner.

Without further delay, the winner of MSXdev21, with 88 points in total, is "ALIEN ATTACK"!

Congratulations to Marcos Daniel Blanco and Daniel Simon for this outstanding offering. The jury team was unanimous in their decision and ranked Alien Attack as the overall best game of MSXdev21.

For the complete score list, jury reports and prizes, visit the MSXdev21-results web page. The totality and quality of the submitted MSXdev21 games is truly an amazing collection of work. Congratulations to you all, you're awesome.

As announced earlier, MSXdev22 is going freestyle. Anything goes, anyone can join. So we hope to see you there. For now; GAME OVER.

relevant link: MSXdev21

Commentaires (32)

Par hamlet

Scribe (3845)

Portrait de hamlet

20-10-2021, 16:24

So nice to see so much heavy new stuff around!
In fact, we all are the winner but congratulations to our awardees!

Par Micha

Resident (39)

Portrait de Micha

20-10-2021, 16:25

Marcos and Daniel congrats to you with your first place with Alien Attack !
And of course congratulations for Roolandoo with his second place with S.O.L.O. !
Good job !

Par tfh

Prophet (3053)

Portrait de tfh

20-10-2021, 16:33

Congratulations to the winner(s)! And also a very big thank you to the organisers and all the competitors. It was a great edition!

Par Uninteresting

Master (255)

Portrait de Uninteresting

20-10-2021, 16:41

Okay, I didn't expect those to be the top-2, but still, very good games. Congratulations to all winners!

Par santiontanon

Paragon (1569)

Portrait de santiontanon

20-10-2021, 16:45

Congrats to the winners!!!

Par mzoran

Master (138)

Portrait de mzoran

20-10-2021, 16:46

2021 chapter ends! Congratulations to winners, authors and judges for putting a lot of effort of going through so many entries.

Par albs_br

Champion (367)

Portrait de albs_br

20-10-2021, 17:28

Congratulations to all participants! And organizers, and sponsors! This year Dev was the greatest by all measures. At least until 2022.

Par JMeric

Resident (51)

Portrait de JMeric

20-10-2021, 17:31

Congratulations to the winners and everyone Wink I had a lot of fun developing on msx. Now I have to learn and understand how to use banks.
Thanks to the Msxdev Team, sponsors, donators and developpers. Great games you've done my friends Wink

Par AnsiStar

Expert (107)

Portrait de AnsiStar

20-10-2021, 17:35

Thank you all! Many congrats to the winners and everyone! Can not wait for the cartridges! Wink

Par cbsfox

Champion (386)

Portrait de cbsfox

20-10-2021, 18:11

I would like to congratulate everyone who was part of this competition.
It was a pleasure to be one of competitors this year.
I could see and play all the games from this edition and I had a lot of fun.
Now me and Daniel need to finish the game and create the cartridge version of it.
I hope you all like it.

Marcos Blanco

Par black hawk

Expert (111)

Portrait de black hawk

20-10-2021, 18:11

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the many MSX games. Dev 21 is a sensation!

Par ro

Scribe (4565)

Portrait de ro

20-10-2021, 18:55

Yes, the wait is over Smile What a trill, so many games and all very enjoyable. Hats of to all developers, you've done an amazing job. I'm sure we're gonna see some physical editions of games Smile

In the meantime, if you are bored, let's cram a BASIC game for the

Par jltursan

Prophet (2581)

Portrait de jltursan

20-10-2021, 19:08

Bravo!, although an incredible amount of titles were of outstanding quality, these are well-deserved prizes!.

Par valkyre

Hero (576)

Portrait de valkyre

20-10-2021, 19:20

Great contest, some great games and really enjoyed reading the comments from the talented jury.

Par ToriHino

Paladin (741)

Portrait de ToriHino

20-10-2021, 19:21

Congratulations to the winners, well deserved! And big thanks to the jury as well, must have been a tough job Smile. Not sure if we're gonna make 4 entries again in next edition though LOL!

Par Zilog80ASMer

Supporter (8)

Portrait de Zilog80ASMer

20-10-2021, 19:38

I read the report on my game(only able to read a few minutes ago today) ,Bookworm,and a judge says it is hard to understand and other comment relating to the manual even though I sent the manual in a zip file with the game ROM in my entry..

I don't understand why my game Bookworm was judged without considering
its clearly written instruction manual; In my contest entry email(which I still
have) I emailed the instruction manual
with my MSX game entry, on 22 /Feb/21, with the manual in the zip file,
to be more precise the files I emailed in my entry can be found at

(the github announced here on back in Feb/21).

Par Briqunullus

Champion (454)

Portrait de Briqunullus

20-10-2021, 21:42

My personal favourite was Raven. Because it's so brilliantly simple and challenging at the same time. I agree however that the game loses out on music.

MSXdev has a very comlete scoring system and to win you need to have every aspect in your game. That makes Alien Attack the very well deserved winner. I'm glad the secret passwords are in the game, without those I wouldn't stand a chance.

Oh and I liked Blockbuster as well. It's a sort of meditation game. MSXdev has seen a exciting edition!

Par shalafi

Resident (56)

Portrait de shalafi

20-10-2021, 22:15

Great dev contest this year.
You may agree or disagree with the scoring system (which is a completely different discussion), but it was made very clear and the judges were very diligent in following it.
My personal favorite was S.O.L.O. but anyway, there were a lot of good games.
There were a lot of games, and to evaluate all of them in depth must have been a lot of work. You can't expect the judges to play each game cover to cover. It took me almost a week to finish S.o.l.o.
Next year is going to be interesting.

Par thegeps

Paladin (950)

Portrait de thegeps

21-10-2021, 00:25

Congrats to all the partecipants (doing a game is always worth of congratulations), to all the staff and obviously to my friend Marcos Daniel Blanco and Daniel Simon too (great job on music/sfx). Cool edition!

Par defdanny

Scribe (356)

Portrait de defdanny

21-10-2021, 11:33

Micha wrote:

Marcos and Daniel congrats to you with your first place with Alien Attack !
And of course congratulations for Roolandoo with his second place with S.O.L.O. !
Good job !

Congrats to you, Micha! What a technical sophisticated and polished game PAC-01 is, it was a close call on the top of the list.
Congrats to Roolandoo, too!

And on this way I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the organisers, the jury and the supporters of MSXDev!

Par Zilog80ASMer

Supporter (8)

Portrait de Zilog80ASMer

21-10-2021, 13:12

I never knew the music to Dr. Who (in the winner's game Alien Attack) was in the public domain. I guess it is because Dr. Who and television was invented int the 1620s (about 400 years ago) and copyright to a song expire after 150 years after the death of the last composer.
Learn something every time learning about other games.

Par gdx

Enlighted (5022)

Portrait de gdx

21-10-2021, 13:01

This year, I am a little surprised by a few results but congratulations to winners. Great contest.

Par Zilog80ASMer

Supporter (8)

Portrait de Zilog80ASMer

23-10-2021, 10:15

MSXdev is fun for working out the tricks used in the games.

Par hbarcellos

Hero (630)

Portrait de hbarcellos

24-10-2021, 06:11

No Brazilian ever won The Nobel Prize, but this year, we won MSXDEV!
Congratz MDBlanco.

Par cbsfox

Champion (386)

Portrait de cbsfox

26-10-2021, 03:04

hbarcellos wrote:

No Brazilian ever won The Nobel Prize, but this year, we won MSXDEV!
Congratz MDBlanco.

Thanks my friend. Glad you like the game.

Par Metalion

Paragon (1456)

Portrait de Metalion

28-10-2021, 14:42

Well, I have to say that the 7th place was not what I was hoping for, but it's honorable nonetheless.
It's still a good place for a first participation, and I'm proud of what we achieved, as a team.

Congratulations to everyone !

Par albs_br

Champion (367)

Portrait de albs_br

31-10-2021, 14:15

Hi guys, what about the winners loot box? I haven't received the email asking for my choice yet (16º place).
How is it going?

Par Uninteresting

Master (255)

Portrait de Uninteresting

31-10-2021, 18:00

My guess: slowly. That's not a criticism; even with 24h round-trip-time for emails (which I consider unlikely fast), it'd take over two weeks for your turn to come up, assuming I've understood how the prizes are dealt correctly.

Par shalafi

Resident (56)

Portrait de shalafi

31-10-2021, 18:04

I did recently sent the prize I sponsored and it was picked by the 11th place, so it is moving...

Par ro

Scribe (4565)

Portrait de ro

01-11-2021, 11:17

Hai, the Winners Loot Box has 28 items to be claimed. And, indeed, it takes a round-trip in order to get that done. We are currently at #14, so @uninteresting you are up next with "Step" at #15 followed by @albs his Arya at #16Smile
Good thing come slowly.

Par Uninteresting

Master (255)

Portrait de Uninteresting

01-11-2021, 18:57

@ro And like I told you in an e-mail, I refused any prizes Smile (I did misspeak about not wanting the digital Blast Annual, though, but I've since bought it for myself so I don't want that either).

Par ro

Scribe (4565)

Portrait de ro

02-11-2021, 09:24

I've started this one
just to keep you folks updated more frequently.