[WTS] - SONY HBK-30 External Floppy Disk Drive Interface Adapter

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22-09-2021, 17:29

This SONY HBK-30 is a Disk drive Interface that you can use for External 720k/360k 3.5" floppy disk external diskdrives; single sided and double sided. There is a switch on it for changing single and double sided.

You can use it together with several Floppy Disk Drives for example the SONY HBD-30W, the PHILIPS VY 0010/11, the JVC HC-F303, as well as compatible home-made External drives, ETC...

The interface includes a ROM with version 1 of the MSX-DISK BASIC instructions

I am posting this ad in this forum prior to upload an open auction on eBay, in case you are interested you may reach me at my profile e-mail address.

Best Regards!

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Par MajorTOM

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23-09-2021, 13:50

As anticipated herewith the link to the eBay Auction
Starting Price 1€ !!!

Happy bidding!

Par Manuel

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26-09-2021, 19:24

Wow, shipping cost is 25 euros to the Netherlands... that doesn't make it very attractive.

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26-09-2021, 23:10

Hi Manuel,

Thanks for your interest, you know ver well that EBay calculates shipping cost to any country across Europe from Spain , which include some destinations as Finland or Norway ..

Of course shipping to BENELUX or France may be cheaper and I will adjust the final shipping costs once the bid is closed

Best Regards,