Why are almost every item on 8bits4ever and reprofactory out of stock?

Par Gregory

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04-05-2021, 19:04

It's kind of frustrating if you want to buy some MSX related products to see that they are always out of stock.

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Par santiontanon

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04-05-2021, 19:24

Please have in mind that those are not "businesses". They do not exist to make money (I don't think you can many any kind of money in this tiny retrocomputing world). They are just people that volunteer their time to offer us the service of organizing and creating physical copies of homebrew games and shipping them to us. As this is all hobbyist work, they typically do very short batches (25 of 50 units), as these copies have to be manufactured paying them out of their own money. Once the batches are gone, they are gone. For some popular games, a second or third batch is produced if there is interest. But often threads are started in this forum or others asking for pre-orders, before a new batch is produced.

[edit: I see that you removed the angry part of the post, good, haha, then my reply doesn't apply that much, but I'll keep it anyway Smile ]

Par Gregory

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04-05-2021, 19:29


Par SjaaQ

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04-05-2021, 20:46

Just send them a mail and they will let you know what the availability will be. I did this with at least two products at 8bits4ever, one at the MSX Cartridge shop, the GR8NET from Eugeny Brychkov and the V9990 from Tecnobytes.

Patience will be required. Most of the time, they work in batches and only start a new one when there is enough interest.

Par Briqunullus

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04-05-2021, 22:17

Maybe an online shop isn't the right format for their services. It makes it look like these are their products from the past. It would be nice if these websites could have an option to express your interest in specific products. It would help them evaluate if and when they could do new batches of their products. Or, if they want to minimize risk, run a pre-order on those products.