Robo Crush - System soft - english


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13-04-2021, 12:01

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Partial translation, but playable. With video and Help

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14-04-2021, 05:24

Some tips for beating robots:

Select 4 weapons in stores if possible.
Try to change pilot if you are beaten.
After each battle, see if you still have your weapons (F4 - STAT.)

Cheat blueMSX :0B88 = money. (But deactivate during battle).

Useful keys: esc, shift, space, arrow keys, function keys

Par ro

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14-04-2021, 08:05

wow, dunno that game but it looks quite original (for that time). Handsome gfx too. I'm not yet a fan of the English text so far, perhaps it is just a test run? I love your work, Django, especially since you've shown us games never seen before (or, at least I didn't) Smile

Par wyrdwad

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14-04-2021, 18:53

IMHO, Robo Crush isn't a game that should be played with a partial translation, or with a "quick and dirty" translation that tries to fit text into the same space that the Japanese used. Robo Crush has really good writing and a really good story, with quirky characters who have great personalities and help give the game tremendous amounts of charm. It's one of my favorite games on the MSX, and I feel it really deserves a Project Melancholia-level fan-translation, as I think anything less is doing the game a major disservice.

That said, if this translation helps expose the game to more people, I'm all for it. Just please go into it aware that the game's text is much more complex and nuanced than what you're seeing here.


Par MP83

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14-04-2021, 22:18

Thank you, but I'll be waiting for a more proper English translation -- a full one at that. Smile I watched the English intro and it left much to be desired. If I wanted to play this game now, I'd just play the Japanese original and use Google Translate app on my phone.