SX-1 MINI + , with "out of segments" when loading .zip of Game Master

Par Sirfred2000

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08-04-2021, 21:51

Hello all...,
I'm really struggling with the config of Sofarun v8.0 to recognizing memory mapper in SX1-mini + ...

When I try to load a zip file or game master in options in order to save games I get the error of out of segments...

In options menu/memory it shows...:
-TA memory free: 17120 bytes
-segments free: 0

The FPGA has 2048/4096 kb so it should be enought memory ...,

The sofarom launcher shows...:
- Device: OCM
- Device slot: 2
- Device capacity: 2048

In menu options I have selected on device OCM, but same result " 0 segments free",
How can I configure to detect more memory to have more segments??

Is strange because I can run perfectly Metal Gear 2 megarom of 512Kb but I can not run a 75k rom zip file...

Thank you very much in advance...., I will appreciate help! Smile

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