Zombie Calavera Prologue

Zombie Calavera Prologue

par hamlet on 19-02-2021, 21:59
Sujet: Development
Étiquettes: game, Spectrum port

Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, known as nanochess ported the ZX Spectrum game by Mojon Twins, to the MSX.

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  • Zombie Calavera Prologue
  • Zombie Calavera Prologue
  • Zombie Calavera Prologue
  • Zombie Calavera Prologue

Commentaires (10)

Par tfh

Prophet (3318)

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19-02-2021, 23:13

I really enjoy the gameplay of this game! The graphic style is also pretty nice!

Par CASDuino

Champion (330)

Portrait de CASDuino

19-02-2021, 23:25

CAS file can be downloaded from here.

Par Grauw

Ascended (10712)

Portrait de Grauw

20-02-2021, 01:33

I also really like the graphics style! Good use of the Spectrum capabilities.

And I also see the game makes good use of the MSX graphics capabilities as well, since there is no colour attribute clash when the player jumps across the moon, so it’s a sprite. It also runs very smoothly! I think it’s a great example of a Spectrum to MSX port done right, many 80s developers could’ve taken an example from it Smile.

Par Pippo

Hero (521)

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20-02-2021, 07:55

Very, very nice conversion, really! Big smile
Thank you very much for your good work, NanoChess. Smile

Par Sander

Founder (1871)

Portrait de Sander

20-02-2021, 15:39

I wonder though if those people know that msx1 has more than 4 colors? It probably plays great but those spectrum games almost feel monochrome with a little color here and there. Why not overhaul the gfx also when porting? just consult one of the Spanish drawing artists and make it shine. Maybe a patch later?

Par hamlet

Scribe (4106)

Portrait de hamlet

20-02-2021, 19:24

@Sander Compare Limbo for the C=64

Par jltursan

Prophet (2619)

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20-02-2021, 19:47


Now I'm really scared, these spider's legs!. The subtle detail in Limbo is incredible and only using so little color Shocked!

Now talking about Zombie Calavera, it shares the same nocturne "ambience" that's why the lack of color; but this trick works great Smile. Really great work of Mojon Twins and very nice from Oscar to convert it.

Par PingPong

Prophet (4096)

Portrait de PingPong

21-02-2021, 13:45

Be happy that they used the hw sprites instead of sw ones.

Par TaylorsEverythingChannel

Champion (415)

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21-02-2021, 17:15

I created an SCC version of this game, I will release it soon.

Par hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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21-02-2021, 17:23

Better cooperate with the author, Taylor. Wink