[WTB] Green Beret white labeled cartridge

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24-01-2021, 14:33

I'm looking for a Green Beret cartridge with the white label from 1987, similar to Game Master, Maze of Galious, Vampire Killer and Penguin Adventure.

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24-01-2021, 18:54

Couple of them in Ebay:



Note that the box was also different for this version. And nearly all looks like "dirty" by this age. The problem is most likely the glue which was used for the label. It seems to come through the label and stain it...

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25-01-2021, 08:32

Thanks! Yes, I have seen these auctions. The 99 euros vendor does not respond to my request for extra pictures. That cartridge looks very moldy, but is in fact one that seems to be in pretty good condition.

Par uberjack

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25-01-2021, 17:08

I think I figured out why this game's labels always seem to be moldy. Green Beret is such a shit game, it's only natural for its label to reflect its contents.