Using Carnivore 2, Nextor and SofaRun

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Par Grauw

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29-01-2021, 22:39

Maybe other Manuel can explain the method to bypass the FS-A1 firmware Smile.

Par Louthrax

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29-01-2021, 22:46

Nobody reads the Manuel... Tongue

Par Manuel

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29-01-2021, 23:18

Yes, that would be nice, so that other cartridges can also implement it (like e.g. Carnivore 2).

Par gdx

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30-01-2021, 09:34

I was found the method on a Japanese site some time ago and I think I posted the link in the MRC forums but I can't find it again. This method is functional for only a few MSX models.

Par Pencioner

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30-01-2021, 11:31

Manuel wrote:

Yes, that would be nice, so that other cartridges can also implement it (like e.g. Carnivore 2).

I doubt Manuel Pazos disclose this because it is a competing product so here we get kind of "know how" Smile

Par sdsnatcher73

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30-01-2021, 12:48

Well I think Manuel would share it if asked. Also I think it can easily be reverse engineered as it is implemented in the recovery ROM of MFR so some disassembly should give the answer to how it is done.

Par Fabio_acrs

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29-08-2021, 01:21

I'm not a good user of this tool but lets go....

I had a problem with my carnivore2 not detecting the cf sometimes on boot. Turned out to be a power supply needing maintenance.

About some roms like alest2 not running on the flash ..... they need a preset files.

Par DanHero

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08-08-2022, 17:39

I am writing here to avoid opening another topic; I have a problem with Aleste 2 and Carnivore 2, only mine is a bit more extreme: when I start disc 1 (or 2, it makes no difference) I get a black screen without the Compile logo. I edited the files with a hex editor and tried again: same problem, I combined them into one file, same problem. I have tried three different versions of the game, downloaded from different sources, but the problem persists. Are there any particular settings I can try?

Par Wierzbowsky

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16-08-2022, 00:31

Just updating the thread that the firmware bypass solution (actually, 2 solutions) for Carnivore2 has been found:

Par Manuel

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16-08-2022, 09:44

@DanHero Aleste 2 needs some patches to run properly with sofarun. But I don't know where they can be downloaded right now.

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