any emulator that allows loading cassettes from external sources?

Par drewdty72

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23-11-2020, 17:06

my question is. Can you load cassette games from an external audio player, cassette player or mp3 in some emulator like openmsx, bluemsx fmsx or another?
if possible with which emulator and how?
thanks and great job Smile

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Par Wolverine_nl

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24-11-2020, 12:24

Hi drewdty, please read this old thread about it ;)

Par wouter_

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24-11-2020, 17:33

I'm not sure that old thread answers this question.

I don't know fmsx well enough, so I can't comment on that one.
As far as I know blueMSX only supports .cas files for cassette emulation. So definitely no external audio input.

OpenMSX does support .wav files for cassette emulation. But for technical reasons the full audio stream must be known upfront, so no 'live' audio input. That limitation could be lifted, but for now there was no known use-case for it yet. And we prefer to only implement features that are easily portable. Not sure how to portably read live audio input.

@drewdty72: So for now you have to first record your audio input to a wav files. Then you can use that in openMSX.
@drewdty72: Maybe we can help you better if you describe your use-case in more detail.

Par drewdty72

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24-11-2020, 18:12

I see that you can't
I just wanted to load games without having to transfer them to WAV
connecting player to pc