Msx2 Philips vg8235 plastic fragility , will It stand shipping ?

Par Osc75

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27-05-2020, 09:55

Hi , I'm new here , how are you doing ? I want to learn to program this kind of computers , the have always fascinantes meI want to buy a Vg8235 but I' m not sure if the fragile plastic of this computer will stand the 350 km
distance of shipping. Could somone please tell me if they have received one of these computers
from a long distance shipping and there has been no problem , no plastic broken on the computer,
and I would like to now if It can be updated from basic2.0 to 2.1 , it's the vg 8235/00 model
Thank you for your time
Best regards

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Par Nprod

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27-05-2020, 16:50

It all depends on how well the seller packages it, if they line it with plenty of styrofoam it should be ok. I've shipped an NMS8245 across europe and the buyer received it without problems. For BASIC you should be able to write a new EPROM with the newer version and install it without problems, if you have access to an EPROM programmer of course. I'm sure there's a ROM dump of it somewhere.

Par Grauw

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27-05-2020, 16:55

In particular the NMS8250/55/80 front panels are susceptible to fracturing very easily, the plastic has become brittle and packaging for shipping should be done very very carefully. However the VG8235/NMS8245 I don’t think has such issues.

Par Pencioner

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27-05-2020, 17:10

I have received (and sent few years later) 8235 and it is not fragile, bubble wrap is enough, it shouldn't got any cracks btw

Par sdsnatcher73

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27-05-2020, 17:42

Usually VG8235 will make it (but with rough handling it is more susceptible to damage than a 8245). When shipping it is best to bring the keyboard in the down position so there is less flex in that part.

The 2.1 basic is 1 byte difference between 2.0 and only effects the ramdisk iirc.

Par Meits

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27-05-2020, 20:00

I received one some five months ago. I was lucky that the former owner made a flight case for it so it was nearly impossible to break.
Only when I had it disassembled did the top cover feel a bit aged, so I handled it with a bit more care. But when it was assembled again it felt solid enough to send it.

The tips of the previous guys are important. Loads of bubblewrap, rather than styrofoam as it is softer. And having the keyboard in downward position makes it a lot stronger. I've seen them break there, so that's easy to avoid.