[WTS] Philips VG-8010 in very good condition, joystick ports need repair

Par sdsnatcher73

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09-09-2019, 16:04

In very good condition, probably not used a lot. It does need a repair on the joystick ports, but these machines are mostly dedicated logic chips (no integrated MSX engine) so should be easy to fix (if you don't have two left hands like me Wink). One of the very first MSX computers in Europe and actually one of the few actually Made in Europe (France). Will come with the PSU (obviously) and a DIN->RCA cable for composite video and the original manuals.

Price is €50 excluding shipping. Contact me trough my profile if you are interested

Tested and working fine:

  • Audio and video working fine over DIN/RCA and RF
  • Game loaded from slot 1 and 2
  • Game loaded from tape
  • Keyboard working fine

Not working:

  • Both joystick ports are not working and up direction is always active (fire buttons do respond)

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