[WTB] Complete Pippols “Maubert” French import version

Par svBEERs

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19-07-2019, 15:33

Hello all!!

I´m looking for a nice looking and complete “Maubert” French import version of Pippols Konami game … the one with orange stickers in box and French manual:

Please don´t hesitate to let me know at my profile email if you could have any available.


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Par talou_iz_good

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21-07-2019, 11:32

I have one to sell.

Par svBEERs

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22-07-2019, 09:36

Nice! Big smile
Email sent.

Par Stt1

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03-08-2019, 00:59

If somebody has a very good box for sale/trade (similar as in picture above), let me know please.

I have the manual already.