New demo from No Ren-Sha's author @ochixn

Par Giangiacomo Zaf...

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20-05-2019, 20:16

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Par santiontanon

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21-05-2019, 03:03

Now that's a bullet hell! Nice and smooth. I assume all bullets are sprites, how about enemies, are they also sprites?

Par hap

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21-05-2019, 14:21

Everything except the top-left number is a sprite, looks like it alternates between 2 sprite sets (set 1 on even frames, set 2 on odd frames) to get the illusion for max 64 on-screen sprites.

Par giuseve

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10-01-2021, 13:00

Nice Game, smooth scroll, high speed.
I think that with a great soundtrack, maybe with scc, it could become a great classic.

Par Grauw

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10-01-2021, 14:10

The link in the tweet doesn’t work for me (404 on the ROM file), however is it this game “Space car”?