Arkos Tracker 2 - a5 released

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Par Targhan

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31-01-2020, 16:01

Hi all,

I am very proud to present you... Arkos Tracker 2 alpha 8!

What's new?

  • A toolbox in the pattern viewer to transpose, swap, remap specific instruments.
  • Instrument preview when loading them.
  • A better MIDI import.
  • MOD import can generate PSG instruments instead of samples. Useful for conversion to soundchip!
  • New logo and splash screen Smile.
  • Many, many smaller features and bug-fixes.

But most of all, and I will need your help on this:

  • Play and compose your music in real-time on your hardware via any serial interface!

The client for now only supports some Amstrad CPC interface, but Arkos Tracker 2 can handle any serial interface. Also, AT2 can send any number of PSG data, so it is possible to use any 3/6/9 channels interface on MSX, in real-time!
However, I don't know what serial interfaces are mostly used on MSX, or how they are programmed. The client is made to be extendable very easily: any interface can be added very quickly, so I hope we can include such hardware to the client. PM if you can help, or we can also talk on this thread Smile.

For a complete changelog, click here!

Download the application here!

The next version will be mostly focusing on the simplification of the Linker at the top (no more tracks, only position, which will make the composition faster and the UI less daunting).


Par santiontanon

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31-01-2020, 21:52

Nice!!! I don't think I will be using the tracked from original hardware any time soon, but looking forward to trying the new version of the editor (really cool that non-Windows platforms are supported! Big smile)

Par Pencioner

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31-01-2020, 22:48

Wow! Real time feature is so good and i would like to help with it. I have Sanyo serial interface for MSX as well. I will drop you an email after Nijmegen fair Smile

Par Targhan

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01-02-2020, 17:11

Help would be helpful indeed, I have no MSX or interface to test the feature!

Here is a little video showing what you can do with this real-time communication. Enjoy Smile

Par defdanny

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05-05-2020, 21:00

Hello, since this is the most recent thread concerning Arkos Tracker II, I post my questions here:

I want to create some SoundFX with AT2 for a game project I support. I already experimented with the creation of PSG instruments and have collected a nice set of shooting, explosion and enemy sounds.
When I learned that AT2 also supports the .MOD Format, I was like Running Naked in a Field of Flowers !!

I did some MOD stuff on Amiga and PC in former times and so my idea arose, to use these MOD tracks in an MSX game, or maybe in the first step only the "instrument" samples of these MOD tracks.
Well, the sound quality of the imported MOD-tracks is obviously not very good, because of the low frequency of MSX, so playing back imported MOD-tracks is not very enjoyable.

BUT: What about using the "sample instruments" (e.g. a sampled explosion sound) as soundFX in an MSX game?
Can I export such samples in the same way as the "PSG instruments" and use it as SoundFX in the Arkos players?
If so, what about memory consumtion? The developer of the game want to make it a 32 kB MSX1 game, and I am pretty sure that I will devour his precious bytes, when I start using "sample" SFX.
Does anybody already done that before?

Par Targhan

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19-05-2020, 12:25

Sorry for the delay, I don't go here often. Don't hesitate to send me an email or drop questions on the AT2 forum though Smile.

As for your questions.
It seems you don't want to play MODs (AT2 provides a MOD player for CPC though, which you can easily adapt for MSX). You want to play samples. So... there is almost nothing I can do for you Smile.

On CPC, I have released a few years ago a game called Imperial Mahjong, with digidrums inside the game. I don't know about MSX, but on CPC we don't have timers, so if you want to play a sample along "real" code", you have to "cut" the code and play the sample every 64 microseconds. So it was a nightmare to code. But it's doable.

You can export the samples in a good way with AT2, via the "File > Export samples". They will be squashed to 4 bits, with amplification or not, etc. But the code to play them is your responsibility. Playing a sample is too much related to the code using it, so in opinion it is useless to provide one.

As for the size, you can have a decent sound effect for a few kb. For digidrums, a few kb for all the drums is enough. If you want real SFXs, count at least a few kb PER sound effect.

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