MRC on Techmoan

Par rderooy

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20-04-2019, 00:03

MRC website shown on Techmoan on a video about VHD

Also includes footage of Highway Star and Birdie Try VHD games from a demo VHD disk.

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Par gdx

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20-04-2019, 10:18

It's first time I see VHD in action. I did not know that the disc came out of his caddy to enter the player.
If I understood correctly the video signal of the disc is multi-standard compatible but they have removed this advantage by putting a different caddy for each zone.

Par rderooy

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20-04-2019, 10:35

Indeed, that seems to be the case. Still strange that his NTSC player would grab onto a PAL caddy and not let go.

Also, I don't think the disc is Multi-standard. It is the player that is capable of playing both PAL and NTSC.

Par Wlcracks

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20-04-2019, 15:51


Par Sandy Brand

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21-04-2019, 16:42

At roughly 19 min

Cool to see the website being used for some digital archaeology :)

Par ToriHino

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19-05-2019, 19:45

And MRC is again shown (very short) in a new video of Techmoan. The MSX part starting around 20:57 showing Thunderstorm.

Par Manuel

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19-05-2019, 23:50

Hmm, looking at Thunderstorm on Generation MSX, it looks like the screenshots there do not include the MSX graphics. Perhaps we can make new screenshots using this video footage for Generation MSX... as it's including the MSX graphics!