8bits4ever SD512 and Panasonic fs-a1

Par Justeungeek

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05-04-2019, 00:54

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie at the MSX scene, got interested in this when I watched the Game Sack episode on it.
I recently purchased a Panasonic fs-a1 and an 8bits4ever SD512.

Now the SD card is formatted to FAT16 and even shows up in the boot when I start the system with the cart in it. However, it doesn't boot further and goes straight to the basic option screen for the system.

From there, I'm a loss. I tried going into basic mode, which brings me to Nextor, but thats it. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and any video I can find on the subject just shows the system booting straight to the files menu of the roms contained on the SD card.

Anyone can help me?

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Par Pentarou

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05-04-2019, 06:30

I though these came from the shop with an SD-Card with pre-installed tools, but they didn't even give you a manual?
Anyway, Read this thread.

Par BlackmanRobotics

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28-05-2019, 10:35

I have the same cartridge, in my case it´s working. It boot´s directly into sofarun.
i just mounted the Nextor Image MSXNEXTOR.RAR and copied the content to a 4gb FAT16 formatted SD-Card.
In my case (VG 8010) i had to set both switches to the right side, to have the full 512Kb RAM.