Konami's MSX Legacy - revision 1 now ready

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Par Tarnyko

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21-12-2019, 11:37

Hi @wimpie3,

Intringued by the title, I had to dig a little bit to find the parent topic.

I'm defintely interested in the book. But only a PDF-like format would suit me (I do not buy paper books anymore), and I'm aware of your opinion that

"wimpie3" wrote:

a PDF file will also be copied in a matter of seconds

For this purpose, some do what they call "fingerprinting": the PDF file contains a unerasable mark mentioning the buyers name/ID -thus you can identifiy the origin of the leak.

Anyways, whatever you decide, thanks for the revision, good luck and keep us informed ! (I'll show up if you change your mind)

Par Feiraco

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06-03-2020, 15:23

I just purchased a copy at Amazon.de. Looking forward to it! :-)

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