OSSC 1.6 knockoffs on the eBay ... a lot of them

Par Spider

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01-03-2019, 05:39

I searched OSSC on ebay, and noticed a lot of OSSC knockoffs shipped from China [surprise?]
those $25 less than if bought from authentic source.
... and I doubt they have a license to produce/resell from the author.

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Par Grauw

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01-03-2019, 09:57

Well it’s open source so they wouldn’t need a license! And I think having more manufacturing sources for this hardware, as well as (slightly) lower prices, is a welcome development. I bet the author is actually pretty happy to see this.

Thanks for the link! I like how the remote has the function labels on it.

Par Pencioner

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01-03-2019, 13:52

@Spider it will get cheaper for Europeans only if the guys from VGP don't solve their Brexit issues and they will be shipping from outside the EU (they are trying to move production to Northern Ireland, which will remain EU). But if they do solve it, then, for example, if it goes from China to Sweden - adds + 25% VAT + 75 SEK service fee. Doesn't make it cheap at all - one from ebay gonna be expensive Smile But for many non-EU residents it makes sense to buy on ebay of course

Par TomH

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26-03-2019, 20:35

Trying to remain strictly within the realm of facts: Northern Ireland is currently part of the UK; the future relationship, and the possibility of a border either between Northern Ireland the Republic of Ireland, or between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, is a large part of the dispute re: the proposed Brexit deal.

That all being said, VGP now seem to be offering a registered address in Dublin, which is in the Republic of Ireland, which is definitely staying in the EU.

Still not selling OSSCs again though.