Hello from Portugal!

Par daniel_gsp

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27-02-2019, 00:25

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself as a Portuguese text adventure collector, fond of every 8-bit machine Smile

Hope to have a good time, and maybe increase my adventure collection! I mainly collect Level 9 but if you know of a good adventure let me know, I'm more familiar to them on other platforms like the Spectrum or the BBC.


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Par santiontanon

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27-02-2019, 07:18

Welcome Daniel! Do you collect English language only adventures? If you collect adventures in other languages, there was this Spanish group in the 80s called "Aventuras AD", which created many classics!

Par rderooy

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27-02-2019, 08:58

You might want to look at GenMSX. This should give you an overview of all Adventure games (unless some games are improperly tagged, which is certainly possible):

Par keith56

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27-02-2019, 12:20

Welcome to the forum! Hope you find what your looking for... though I'm not much of a text adventure player, I think the last one I played was Leisure Suit Larry in the mid 90s!

With regards to the BBC... do the text adventures tend to be 'pure text' or text with some kind of graphics? I only ask because the original BBC A was pretty memory limited.

Par Parn

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27-02-2019, 13:22

Welcome, Daniel!

I'm curious about the state of the MSX in Portugal. Was it well known in the 80s? Did it have an active scene? Could you buy many different models in stores? How is it today? People do still remember it? I have family there but they weren't into computers at that time so they have no idea. Big smile

Par daniel_gsp

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27-02-2019, 15:09

Hi everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome.

I have to say I've only played English text adventures and a couple of Portuguese ones so far, never went for the Spanish ones because at that age it was chinese for me Smile
Even today, I'm afraid something would be lost in the interpretation if I were to play a Spanish adventure, even understanding the language a bit.

As for the scene in Portugal, all I remembre are the Philips VG-8010 and 8020 Home Computer. i never had one but from what I can see nowadays, they were not as popular as the Spectrum Timex 2048 and 2068 (made in Portugal back then) or even the Amigas at a later time. Smile