SD Snatcher, Snatcher, Mitsume Ga Tooru 600 dpi scans - where upload to?

Par moldov31337

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08-02-2019, 13:51


I recently done scanning of SD Snatcher, Snatcher (MSX and PC) manuals, stickers, etc. and planning to do some more scanning in 600 dpi for Mitsume Ga Tooru. Is there a special place to keep all those scans? Is anyone interested in? I can share them from my GDisk but probably there are some more convenient places.

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Par wyrdwad

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08-02-2019, 16:22

Generation MSX has a pretty good database of such things, and rderooy on here is always looking for new submissions. You might want to consider either getting in touch with him or submitting the scans at his site:

Also, if you're at all interested in selling your Mitsume ga Tooru at any point, please let me know. It's one of the games I've been interested in tracking down for a while now, so we might be able to work out a deal. ;)


Par isaiasmalaga

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09-02-2019, 03:20

Par rderooy

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11-02-2019, 09:23

I updated Mitsume Ga Tooru

For the MSX versions of Snatcher and SD Snatcher, we already had good scans, so I did not touch them.

As to the PC88 version of Snatcher, I don't really know what to do with the scans. There is probably a PC88/98 community with interest in those?

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19-09-2019, 10:22

It has been uploaded by msx-manuals