Metal gear 1 rare Amiga port

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Par nikodr

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01-11-2006, 21:56

I am still curious.How can someone make a 128kbyte rom game to run on a machine with only 128kbyte memory.It seems impossible to me.Execrom and loadrom require 256 kbytes for a 128kbyte game.512 for a 256 and so on because some ram is consumed by the msx.So are there any neat tricks that give more free ram for something like this?

Par Samor

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02-11-2006, 09:26

I'm guessing clever tricks, or taking things out. Many of the 128kb megarom cracks are crippled in some way, afterall.

Par cax

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02-11-2006, 21:43

Could it be that some part of the game was transfered to the VRAM?


Metal Gear cartridge code (the game itself) uses 16K of RAM and 64K of VRAM.

The rest of RAM (96) and VRAM (64) is used for storage of ROM contents.

If you need to execute the code stored in VRAM, you have to copy it to some RAM page and only then you can use it. Tis takes a lot of time and that's why you have to store in VRAM blocks that used rarely in the game.

As you see, 96+64=128+32. So spare 32K of RAM can be used as a buffer for VRAM->RAM transfers.

Par nikodr

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03-11-2006, 03:16

before you start metal gear (the crashing dump) type vdp(10)=255, the game should crash a whole lot less in the elevator.

I somehow found this out when I was much younger then I am now Wink

Nowadays just use an emulator with the rom image.

What does this command do?I have an msx manual that explains those commands but after all these years even though i have finished i want to find out what exactly caused those glitches and crashes (i have played the game so many times on my msx2 and never finished it there because of glitches).

About the other megaroms mentioned i do have a cracked version of nemesis 1 for 128kbyte memory mapper and works perfectly and it never crashed,also i have the vampire killer disk version for 128kbyte(another crack) with no problems except for the fact that there is no sound at all only sound effects.

Best regards

Par Ivan

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22-09-2007, 14:51

Metal Gear for C64: eBay link

Cheap! :P

Par nikodr

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22-09-2007, 16:11

And if someone takes a look it has a screenshot that is from amiga and shows a tank,and some graphics.So indeed the game must have been ported to amiga.Smile2

Par jltursan

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22-09-2007, 16:40

It's an Amiga hoax, the game was never released :(

Par CrazyBoss

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22-10-2007, 20:12

I think i saw the Metal Gear 1 for C64, but its very creappy.
Its made by Ultrasoft or something like the NES version.

Still thinks the msx-versions are much better.


Par h0ffman

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01-02-2021, 19:36

Let's change that then..

Par tfh

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01-02-2021, 19:59

h0ffman wrote:

Let's change that then..

Oeh, nice! :) Looking forward to it!

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