Old New Stock #2: Pana Amusement Cartridge

Old New Stock #2: Pana Amusement Cartridge

par meits on 17-09-2017, 01:16
Sujet: Music

It might as well have been the first music disk with own made compositions and covers. FAC Soundtracker 1.0 did not exist yet and it was normal to steal everything you needed from any software you could sink your teeth in. However, FAC and the makers of FAC Demo 2 were already around.

Because Le-Ti Sony Master lacked a tracker and possibly wanted to show off their musical skills to the world, this set of two single sided disks is filled with music written in basic. FM-Basic, as the music was to be played on the FM-PAC, back then only MSX-Music cartridge around. This is most probably the reason why they picked this somewhat strange name for a set of disks.

The music can't be compared to what later groups did with the trackers that emerged a little later, so we must see (and hear) this music in the 1989 mindset. In that light this music collection probably brings back some feelings of nostalgia, rather than judging the quality of it. The music can be selected with the cursor keys and the space bar. Once a track gets selected, a seperate basic program will be loaded which contains the music and sometimes some graphics. By pressing ctrl+stop you'll go back to the music menu. Tip: If you happen to have two diskdrives, you can insert both disks.

We hope that people from back in the day can shed some anekdotes about this production in the comments as most of us were still kids and information was scarce.

Relevant link: Pana Amusement Cartridge

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Par Pippo

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17-09-2017, 09:43

Very, very nice and interesting tunes! Smile
The Msx-Basic is simply fantastic! Smile


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22-09-2017, 05:03

Oh, yeah! ... Seems that this "Old new stock" series is really needed, because this brings back memories that were already gone! This was probably the first music disk I ever saw. I think Japanese were better doing MSX-BASIC music, but I remember I had great fun with these disks by changing the instruments to the songs. What a real flashback experience. Smile

Par Bernard

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17-09-2022, 10:27

Aah, Le TI, that brings back some memories...

Le TI (Le Taureau Inconnu) was a pseudonym used by Goswin de Rouw. The man behind Sony Master was, if memory serves me correctly, Leon Lenzen.

While Le TI originally was a one-man show, over time it started referring to a group of people with Goswin as the core member. As Goswin and I went to the same high school, I too became involved at some point in time, as did another school mate/MSX user.

Other than playing/swapping games, the people involved in Le TI also pooled money to buy original software from Japan. This software was "distributed" among its members, after which the original was sold. The proceedings of the sale, combined with an additional round of pooling, resulted in the next Japanese import.

Once we pooled money to buy the Pana Amusement Collection. It was this copy from which Le TI freely "borrowed" the title screen of the Pana Amusement Cartridge disk. Not only the title screen was copied; likely all music on this disk is also taken from elsewhere (e.g. Basic listings in the Japanese MSX Magazine and MSX Fan).

It may sound unsophisticated now, but that was the scene at the time. As the article mentioned, tools like trackers etc. were not available yet.

I myself became involved in Le TI's demo efforts pretty late. Le TI was planning a follow-up demo for the Fac Demo 2 (aka Xylonite), but I can't remember the demo's name. I do remember though that the demo was going to use the BGM from Twinkle Star. I spent quite a bit effort in those days to rip the music out of the game LOL! .