Looking for some "RARE" games

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Par Wierzbowsky

Guardian (3571)

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07-09-2017, 17:44

This Crazy Train game is only 8kb and it starts from address 0x0000, which is not typical. I wonder how the cartridge looks from inside. Anyone got photos?

Par Stt1

Hero (615)

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07-09-2017, 18:41

Hmm, I have never opened Crazy Train, never thought that it would be something special that way.

Nowadays high prices are the reason I would prefer trading for the items I want to find (I have lot of items to offer, from Konami minis to LD games and two computers). But apparently my wanted list is too hard as there has been almost none trade-offers. One deal was close - I offered the comical version of Yie-Ar-Kung-Fu, but the other side had only one loose cart to offer. For two it would have been a go...

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