Frustration with big HDDrive

Par giuseve

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28-04-2017, 00:37

I'd like to try en experiment: To put into an HDD file of 200Mb NEXTOR+SOFARUN3+Roms & Images to create a kind of JukeBox (instead of BlueMSX Launcher)
1ST FRUSTRATION: Where is a easy-to-use HDDtool (similar to diskmanager) to manage files into the 200MB.DSK Image?
2ND FRUSTRATION: BlueMSX works with my 200Mb NEXTOR+SOFARUN3 but copying so many Roms&Images is difficult, because BLUEMSX hangs everytime I try to insert a FOLDER-AS-DSK.
3RD FRUSTRATION: I made the same steps of the second one, but trying to copy 3-file-at-a-time from a 720K.DSK floppy disk image, it hangs up in the same way
4TH FRUSTRATION: Tried with OPENMSX 13, but it siply dousn't recognize the 200Mb NEXTOR+SOFARUN3, (also with IDE250.dat version)

Maybe I must try with my real NMS8245+V9958+MFRSCCSD+FMPAC

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Par Manuel

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28-04-2017, 07:55

About 4: can you explain a bit more in detail what you tried and what happened?

Par MicroTech

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04-05-2017, 13:56

Hi giuseve,
I use a tool called editd169e in pair with a special nuko.dll (I don't remember where I read they are to be used together but it seems to work fine).
When you open an hard disk image (I created mine within BlueMSX) you should select "vmware plain disk".
Let me know if you can find these tools on the net or I'll send them by email.
Hope to solve (or at least mitigate) frustration 1 & 2 Wink