Can't remember MSX1

Par SkalTura

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28-12-2016, 22:37

Hi there,

As we get older, our memory seems to let us down once in a while... At least mine does ;-)

I used to have an MSX1, but can't seem to remember the model, and also can't find any pictures Googling for it.
It was white (I'm colorblind, so it could also have been gray or whatever light color computers had back then), and had one cartridge slot in the top middle.
There was also a hard transparent cover that clicked over the entire MSX. I know for sure that the cover said Philips, so I assume that the MSX also was from Philips.

Anyone know this model ?

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Par Fabf

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28-12-2016, 22:59

Par ro

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30-12-2016, 19:11

ah, I remember that as well. That hardcover was on my VG8235, if I'm not mistaken.

Par SkalTura

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06-01-2017, 10:06

Well... in my memory it was rounder and more narrow front to back.
But that was over 30 years ago, so it could be the SVI-728 i guess...

Thank you