I seek songs of Ghost'n'Goglins in PT3 format

Par gasparrini

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01-11-2016, 04:37

Hello Guys,

I seek songs of Ghost'n'Goglins in PT3 format.
It would be possible to find them?
I need for do play PSG in Assembly Z80.

The fact that last night Danysoft, asked me to do a development of a Ghost'n'Goblins clone for MSX1 and MSX2.
If there were already available songs to Ghost'n'Goblins in PT3 format would be better.

I thank you in advance
Best Regards

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Par nitrofurano

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31-05-2017, 01:47

it uses 2xYM2203 - http://vgmrips.net/packs/pack/ghosts-n-goblins-ghosts-n-goblins
try to extract its notes from some kind of conversion, and try to compose it back in some tracker like Vortex Tracker
i don’t know if from nes/famicom version it’s easier to do this, it’s more close to ay-3-8910 - http://vgmrips.net/packs/pack/ghosts-n-goblins-nes