Only for information: Fair price for "Super Laydock"?

Par defdanny

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11-09-2016, 20:44

Hi MSX gaming experts,
I am interested in buying the game "Super Laydock" with box and manual. The game and box is in "nearly mint" condition. The box is opened, but all looks as never used. What would you pay for such a game? What would be a fair "market price"?

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Par raulsantacruz

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12-09-2016, 01:05

Laydock is not easy to find game nowadays, so there is not a "market price" for something unavailable with no so many units in the market. As you probably know, you can play to a copy version of the game easily searching in the web. So if you really really want to have this game in ORIGINAL, try to find in all the markets (yahoo, ebay,, retroclasificados, wallapop,, etc. ) and compare prices. If you don't find in them the game, then the price can be any.

Regards and good luck!

Par defdanny

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14-09-2016, 21:52

@raulsantacruz: thank you for your reply. In fact, i am not looking for the game but already have an offer to buy it.
The seller says, that it is an unplayed, but opened cartridge in very good shape, complete with manual.
He demands 175 EUR.

Par LaZar0

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14-09-2016, 22:02

Normally I do not do that, but... two ended listings with Super Laydock sold in eBay (recent):

I pay even more for it, about 75EUR months ago. But I think that with a bit of luck you can find it cheaper. Or maybe this person is offering to you some of this ended bids. ;)

Hope this helps.

Par defdanny

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14-09-2016, 22:16

@LaZar0: Thank you for the links, and... sorry, I should have found these by myself! Shame. oO