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Par HansO

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24-08-2016, 16:12

I found some MSX related DVD's and CD's I bought years ago on dutch meetings.

Now I offer those for sale, all original and still readable.

MSX Funet CDROM set. Made by Tristan Zondag.

Teddywarez Chaos Assemble 3r (I also supply the update and all other files once online)

MSX Gamebox CD-Rom

Totally Chaos 2xDVD Video with video from various MSX meetings 1987-2011 (Zandvoort, Tilburg, Bussum, Tilburg Nishi speech)

I also have some MSX printer cables (14 to Centronics) and MSX tape cables.

Contact me at

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Par evulopah

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24-08-2016, 17:45

He, isn't that Marinus Stoker on that picture Smile