(Hardware) Project of the 'calendar quarter'

Par megatron

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19-09-2015, 10:53

Spotted this on the Atari age Forum for the TI-99/4A , sound like a good idea ?

someone suggested : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242260-hardware-project-of-...

" How many of you would be interested in taking part in an online 'group hardware project'?

The idea would be to gather interest and settle on a project a month or so in advance, commit to purchasing parts in a 'group buy' (+1) and then when we receive our kits, we all start building our projects together.

This could be a learning experience for some, and just plain fun for others. In the end we'll all have something new our TI setups! "

Would a similar idea work fro the MSX to get people designing Hardware ? :murdock:

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Par Xenophon

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23-09-2015, 11:52

Maybe someone could make a list of Hardware-add-ons for the MSX both current and in development ?