Selling Panasonic FS-A1GT complete, tested on eBay...

Par opcode

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08-02-2015, 20:15

Par syn

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09-02-2015, 00:11

Wow, seems to be one of the better looking turbo r's i have seen for sale. too bad I dont have 500+ dollars lying around atm.

Par geijoenr

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09-02-2015, 11:21

wow, the guy has a time machine.

I guess is only for collectors, buying that computer and then "use it" would be a crime.

Par Latok

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09-02-2015, 12:15

This machine will go 1000+ euros.....

Par Grauw

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09-02-2015, 12:49

It’s looking nice but the remarks above are a bit exaggerating I think... My GT lacks the box and red sticker on top, but otherwise is in similar condition, and a starting price of $500 seems about right. I paid around €425 for mine on Yahoo auctions, plus broker service handling, shipping, import tax and new drive belt (so it ended up being €500-something).

So the opening bid for this one is good, I think it will probably end up in the €500-€700 area...

Par jltursan

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09-02-2015, 23:09

Strangely it's listed only for USA when he states that ships also to Europe and Asia. Maybe this can hurt the visibility of the item...
Anyway, having listed the TR here assures that it'll be seen by a lot of real MSX collectors around the world.

Par Retrofan

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10-02-2015, 07:36

And don't forget the custom duties and higher shippingcosts if you're not located in the USA... Nice machine BTW!